About me

Hey, I'm Leonard, a passionate ITLer who just love to discover the IT industry. :)
My focus is on Service Provider Networking-Technologies and trying to understand how the Internet really works.
Other interests are FOSS (Free Open-Source Software) and to make the Internet a better, more private, diverse and decentralized place.

Where we can meet

Here you can find a list of events where we can meet. Changes are possible.


Here you can find some slides I created. :)
They are hosted on Keybase at the moment, so keep in mind that you leave this site.

Other things to share

One thing I would like to share with you, is this blog entry on kuketz-blog.de. Take your time and read it, we all have a responsibility in how the future might look like.
Sadly it's just available in German.
Kommentar: Informatiker, uebernehmt endlich Verantwortung!


Here you will find the ways to come into contact with me.

For Audio-, or Videocalls I usually prefer to use Jitsi, so if we agree to meet us there, here is the Instance: meet.in-berlin.de

For all other kinds of communication, here is a list from 1 to x and as lower the value as more I prefer that channel to communicate.
Of course depending on the requirements that can vary.
Maybe we find a match!

This list gets additional entries in the future.

0.1 XMPP with OMEMO
0.2 XMPP without End-to-End Encryption
* How-To
1. IRC
* leonardx@Freenode
* How-To
2. Keybase
3. E-Mail

PeeringDB Translation progress
Translation status

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